Free PadoBiom® sampling kits

PadoBiom® is the innovative analysis for early diagnosis and progression in periodontitis. With the use of the subginival microbiome, at-risk patients are identified and developing periodontitis is detected early.

PadoBiom® 4-piece sampling kit

Free PadoBiom® sampling set in a 4-pack. With this you receive 4x the PadoBiom® sampling set for individual use in the outer box.

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  • Diagnose dysbiosis early, initiate prophylactic measures.

  • Preventing periodontitis by a early transition to the treatment phase.

  • Identify high-risk patients with progression, secure (antibiotic) adjuvant.


PadoBiom® also helps optimize medical resources and improve your value proposition by better scheduling recall intervals.

With the PadoBiom® analysis and the personal result recommendation, it is possible to include your patients in the most suitable treatment planning at an early stage.


PadoBiom® uses Next Generation Sequencing technology and is validated to use exactly 2 paper tips per analysis site. The high-precision analysis requires complex preparation steps and usually takes 14 calendar days from submission.